Anonymous said: George Moran is Gay HERE the pic with his boyfriend

hahaha what picture?



George Moran at Zitadelle Spandau Berlin, 07.06.14

Anonymous said: You've probably seen this haha, but this is amazing lol. Darn I can't put the link up :/ It's on the road with miles kane in sheffield. From about 1:20 onwards :P he has the voice of an angel. I'm in love seriously :D

wow i haven’t actually seen that somehow! george really has an incredible and really interesting voice doesn’t he :)  

(found here if anyone else wants to watch)

Anonymous said: He goes out with a French!:)


Anonymous said: he goes out with a Scottish girl!!|!


s0mebodytocryfor said: That's an AWESOME thing, not just a good one :)

i am very very glad!!! :) 

Anonymous said: he is follows many girls on twitter, is it one maybe? I want to know!!! he is follows cosmetic girls but singer too?!? what is his type of girls?? xxxxx

i don’t know! i’m sorry. if i found out anything else i’ll be sure to let you know. georgie seems quite mysterious about these things  xxx